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The South Gate is the entrance to Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor Inc. in Old Jincheng.

The North Gate is close to three attractions: Ming Yi Old Street Story House, Liquor Cultural Center, and Huang Tianyou Memorial Center.

Climbing to the top of the city gate to enjoy the panoramic view of Ming Yi Old Street.


The history of Kinmen can be traced back to 317 AD. In the Ming dynasty, “Qianhushuo City” was built to fend off pirates and protect the local residents. During the period of Zheng Chenggong’s resistance to the Qing empire, the ancient city of Kinmen was an important stronghold. Only after commander Chen Long moved the military headquarters to Houpu in 1680 did the City start to decline. Jinmencheng
There are four city gates around the ancient city of Kinmen: North, South, West, and East. There is a saying: “people gather outside the East Gate; wealth gathers outside the West Gate; business thrives outside the South Gate; power is achieved outside the North Gate.” In other words, those who needed people should go to the highly-populated Gugang to the east of the City; if you wanted to make money, you should go to Shu Tou, where overseas businessmen came together; with the port situated outside the South Gate, the economy was prosperous there; the North Gate was close to the Yannan Academy, where people could pursue a position in public office as well as seek fame.Jinmencheng
Nowadays, there are new city gates in the four corners of the ancient city of Kinmen and they are all of different styles. Among them, the South Gate is also the entrance of Kinmen Kaoliang Liquor Inc., while the famous Ming Yi Old Street is next to the simple and elegant Shiban Street around the North Gate. These attractions are all worth visiting.JinmenchengMingyi Old Street


Address Jinmencheng, Jincheng Township, Kinmen County Taiwán, R.O.C

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  • Luke-In-China

    廈門, 中国

    Traveler type:


    Nice events, hidden shrines/altars, best restaurants

    4 2016-05

    I reviewed this place over a year ago, but since then I've visited Jincheng about four more times and I've realized it's actually a nice little town. It's definitely not as pretty, quiet, quaint, or fascinating as the villages dotted around the island, but there are good reasons to visit Jincheng (and not just to use the bus station or free bikes!). First, it has the most/best restaurants. That's not to say the food is good, because it's generally mediocre, but you're not going to find much in the villages. There are actually some noodle shops that offer great beef noodle soup, much better than what you'd find in mainland China, along with normal Chinese restaurants serving local fish/seafood and other tasty dishes. There are also a considerable number of bakeries and milk tea shops to satisfy any sweet tooth. The architecture may pale in comparison to the villages, but there's still some nice looking buildings here and there. I recommend walking through the little alleyways in town to discover traditional homes and neat little shrines. The underground tunnel museum, which I have not done yet, is also in town and is located on the second floor of the bus station. If you're looking for something specific, you can go to the little tourist booth at the bus station and they're very happy to help you, though their English is quite limited. They also have lots of free maps. Otherwise, just wander around inner part of town and discover things by yourself. There are also a few signs in English/Chinese dotted around. If you like, the tourist office at the bus station also lends bicycles... for free! My favorite thing about Jincheng is the annual City God Festival in May where many locals parade the streets in costumes/masks, shooting fireworks, carrying dolled-up children in tiny ancient sedans, and making lots of music/noise. It's all quite surreal and fun and I highly recommend attending it if you get the chance! It's held April 12 of the **Chinese lunar calendar**, not the normal western calendar, so you will need to convert it to the normal western calendar and that date changes every year. The parade starts early afternoon and lasts for several hours. No need looking up a parade route; just follow your ears once you're in town.
  • Paulo Z

    上海, 中国

    Traveler type:


    interesting area to walk around

    4 2016-04

    its the township downtown ... good place to kill time and mingle with the locals, some local stores and restaurants
  • Luke-In-China

    Xiamen, China

    Traveler type:

    Solo travel

    Least Interesting Town on Jinmen, But Still Important

    3 2015-01

    Kinmen City (金城) is the least interesting town on the island as it is the largest, most modern, and least charming. It's better to spend your time in other villages and sites. However, Kinmen City has the most restaurants, shops, and buses, so it's still quite important for travelers to Jinmen. You may find that the village you are staying in has only one restaurant and that it closes after 6 pm, so Kinmen City is a great place for dinner and has so much more dining options than any other village.

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