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TEL +886-82-323468、+886-963-166-171

Address No.41, Zhushan, Jincheng Township, Kinmen County Taiwán, R.O.C

(For current prices, please contact the business directly.)


The building compound is located outside Dashe, Zhushan, and is a traditional-style structure with an impressive layout. The outside is covered with six-sided bricks, an example of rare Kinmen craftsmanship. As our B&B is one of the few to be housed in an officially designated historical building, a trip to come appreciate its beauty is well worth it.
The Official Home inside
Follow the little road by the Zhushan shooting range and it leads to the traditional-style Taiwanese building compound in what seems like another-worldly paradise. Inside is an ornate gate created by expert craftsman, a spacious central courtyard, rosewood, and old-fashioned wood chairs.
The bedrooms contain valuable antique carved beds, dressing tables and modern ceramic bathroom facilities, plasma TVs thoughtfully incorporated into wall decoration, classic romantic bed curtains, bedding, and wireless Internet. The experience is a beautiful, uplifting blend of the antique and modern.
Flowers grow in a large traditional water jar, increasing the natural beauty and representing the spirit of Kinmen. Inside the building are antiques used in early times, such as stone beads, stone mills, and chicken bowls.
There is a moving tale behind each of these items, and we welcome you to witness for yourself the evidence of our ancestors’ wisdom and efforts, hoping this becomes a place to relax your body and soul. Welcome to Zhushan No. 41 Bed & Breakfast, where you can take a break to appreciate the beauty of this old building. We hope each visitor is a precious contribution to the development of Kinmen.